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Effect of Non-Genetic Factors on Disposal Pattern in Tharparkar Cows

Dinesh M. Maher Ashok Kumar Gupta Ramendra Das K. Puhle Japheth
Vol 8(11), 214-220

Data on 166 Tharparkar cows were collected for a period of 1991 to 2013 and classified into four period of calving and four season of calving to study the disposal pattern. Analysis for total lifetime milk yield were conducted upto 5th parity as 83.39% of cumulative total milk yield (%) of Tharparkar cows was within the parity. Descriptive statistics were computed for analysis of disposal pattern, whereas effect of non-genetic factors on disposal pattern was analyzed using Chi square statistic. The overall disposal in adult cow per lactations basis was 31.11% (Mortality rate: 3.33% and culling rate: 27.78%) but overall disposal upto fifth parity was 29.88% (culling rate: 26.5% and mortality rate: 3.32%). The overall disposal in adult cows was higher in third parity (33.3%) and lowest in fifth parity (24.3%). The effect of season of calving on overall disposal rate in third lactation was significant (P<0.01), whereas, the effect of period of calving was highly significant (P<0.01) in the first and fifth lactation. Average culling rate (lactation basis) was 27.78% and average mortality rate was 3.73%. The major reason of culling (lactation basis) was reproductive problems (10.12%), and maximum mortality occurred due to debility (0.9%).

Keywords : Culling Disposal Mortality Parity Tharparkar

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