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Effect of Non-Genetic Factors on Pre-partum Reproduction Traits in Gir Crossbreds

Mahendra Gorakh Mote Yogesh Chandrakant Bangar1 Sangita Uddhav Bhoite Dilip Kundlik Deokar
Vol 8(8), 142-150

The data on pre-partum reproduction traits viz. age at first conception (AFCon) and age at first calving (AFC) of five groups of Gir crossbred (FG: 50% Holstein Friesian X 50% Gir, IFG:FG Interse, FJG: 50% Holstein Friesian X 25% Jersey X 25% Gir, IFJG: FJG Interse and R: 5/8 Gir) maintained at Research-cum-Development Project on cattle, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth (M. P.K.V.), Rahuri Maharashtra (India) were collected from year 1972 to 2015. The effects of period of birth and season of birth on pre-partum reproductive traits were determined by using Harvey’s least-square technique. The overall least-squares means of AFCon in FG, IFG, FJG, IFJG and R group were 530.52 ± 8.35, 761.33 ± 10.66, 531.42 ± 6.60, 722.70 ± 8.64 and 798.06 ± 16.92 days, respectively. The overall least squares means of AFC in FG, IFG, FJG, IFJG and R genetic groups were 810.44 ± 8.41, 1040.64 ± 10.58, 809.88 ± 6.80, 1000.87 ± 8.69 and 1077.74 ± 17.17 days, respectively. The period of birth had significant effect on AFCon and AFC in IFG, FJG and IFJG genetic groups. The effect of season of birth on AFCon and AFC was non-significant in all the genetic groups.

Keywords : Age at First Conception Age at First Calving Gir Crossbreds Reproductive

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