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Effect of Nutritional Supplementation on Treatment of Anoestrus Swamp Buffalo Cows and Heifers

R. Deka K. C. Nath M. Bhuyan N. C. Nath G. C. Das N. Deka N. Das
Vol 9(2), 55-63

A study was conducted on 8 Swamp buffalo cows and 8 heifers maintained at Network Project on Buffalo Improvement (Swamp), College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati, to accumulate data on efficacy of bypass fat with or without minerals and vitamins fortification in the treatment of anoestrus. Efficacy of bypass fat in the treatment of anoestrus was studied on the basis of oestrus response, genital changes and level of some of the blood biochemical constituents. Bypass fat with minerals and vitamins was more effective than bypass fat alone for the treatment of anoestrus in Swamp buffalo cows and heifers resulting in higher oestrus response rate of 75 per cent. Level of serum leptin, calcium, phosphorus and cholesterol was found to be increased and that of ghrelin decreased with the period of treatment. Bypass fat fortified with minerals and vitamins could be effectively used for treatment of anoestrus in Swamp buffalo cows and heifers.

Keywords : Anoestrus Bypass Fat Ghrelin Leptin Swamp Buffalo

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