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Effect of Radiographic Positioning on the Morphometry of Cranio-Ventral Abdomen in Cows and Buffaloes

Shanib Mehraj Makhdoomi Vandana Sangwan Ashwani Kumar
Vol 8(11), 172-181

The study was aimed to evaluate the effect of radiographic positioning i.e standing (right and left) and recumbent (right) lateral on the morphometry of the reticulum and diaphragm in healthy cows and buffaloes. Twenty six healthy non-gravid bovines (14 cattle and 12 buffaloes) were investigated. The ventral diaphragmatic line was clearly appreciable in 100% healthy buffaloes and in 85.71% healthy cows on the right lateral recumbent radiographs. In 71.43% (right recumbent) to 78.57% (right and left standing) cases of healthy cattle and 91.67% (right recumbent and left standing) to 100% cases (right standing) of healthy buffaloes, the cupula of the diaphragm was seen at the level of 6thsternebra. The height of the cupula was recorded to be significantly more (p<0.05) on recumbent compared to standing radiographic views in healthy buffaloes. The height of cupula was significantly (p=0.038) more in healthy buffaloes compared to healthy cows on recumbent radiographic view. The reticular wall was better defined on standing radiographic views in healthy cattle (approx. 65%) and buffaloes (approx. 90%). In conclusion, radiographic positioning and species affect the morphometry of cranio-ventral abdomen in cows and buffaloes.

Keywords : Cow Diaphragm Positioning Reticulography Reticulum

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