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Effect of Rearing Systems on Morpho-Biometric Characterization of Local Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) in the Central Region of Cote d’Ivoire

Koua . H. W. N’Dri A. L.1 Ahouchi V. S.
Vol 8(4), 30-37

This study aims to compare the morphometric characters of traditional chickens bred in two different systems. It was conducted with 30 chickens in claustration and 39 in wandering. There was no significant difference in the animals of the same sex except for the wingspan. Moreover, it exists a significant difference between the cock which ramble and the cock in cloistering for the length and the height of comb and the length of the beak. The result had shown that there was not difference between the body weight of wandering chicken and that of claustration chicken. There was a significant difference between the sexes for each system of breeding for the majority of variables. The results of this work may therefore serve as an important base for future research on the conservation and development of Indigenous chicken.

Keywords : Breeding Claustration Local Chicken Morphometric Characters Wandering System

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