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Effect of Reduced Dietary Crude Protein with Balanced Limiting Amino Acids on Immunity and Serum Biochemical Profile of Swarnadhara Chicks

Beena C Joseph Jayanaik Y. B. Rajeshwari
Vol 7(6), 37-43

A study was conducted in Swarnadhara chicks to find out the effect of reducing dietary crude protein with supplementation of limiting amino acids to compensate the deficiency due to CP reduction during 0-6 weeks. The immunity, survivability and serum protein and mineral profile were studied in a completely randomized design in 5 treatments with 4 replications of 20 birds in each .The control diet (T1) was based on corn soy bean meal formulated with 21% CP and 2800 kcal ME following the ICAR ( 2013) specifications which were recommended for improved native chicken breeds in India. The diets T2 to T5 were made iso caloric to control and composed with 20.5, 20, 19.5 and 19% CP, respectively. The levels of limiting amino acids namely methionine, lysine, threonine and tryptophan were met as that of control by adding synthetic preparation. Survivability rate on 42 day cumulative basis was non-significant among all the groups. Data on titer values of IBD and ND were statistically analyzed. Results showed similar levels in T1, T3, T4 and T5 except for T2 which was higher for IBD titer but there was no significant difference in ND titer among different treatment groups. The serum protein profile showed no significant difference in values of serum total protein, serum albumin and serum globulin. Serum calcium and phosphorous levels also were statistically similar among the treatments indicating amino acid supplementation in low CP diets will not result any reduction in immunity levels or serum protein and mineral levels in Swarnadhara chicks.

Keywords : Dietary Crude Protein Limiting Amino Acids Immunity Survivability Serum Biochemical Profile

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