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Effect of Soybean Lecithin Based Extender and Ovixcell on Quality of Frozen Semen in Beetal, Sirohi and Assam Hill Goat

Upen Kakati Sudip Sinha Bharat Chandra Deka Ranjan Kumar Biswas Manna Baruti Naba Nahardeka Rumi Saikia Borah
Vol 9(1), 95-110

A total of 45 pooled ejaculates comprising, three Beetal, three Sirohi and three Assam hill goat, 15 from each breed were evaluated for live sperm, sperm concentration, cold shock resistance index, intact acrosome and sperm abnormalities. Each pooled ejaculate was split into three parts and then extended in three extenders i.e., Tris extender containing 20 % egg yolk, Tris extender containing 1.5 % soya lecithin and Ovixcell and frozen using liquid nitrogen vapour. Each semen sample was evaluated after equilibration and after freezing. Semen after freezing was also evaluated for extracellular release of ALT and AST. The fertility rate of semen frozen using three extenders was recorded. In Beetal, Sirohi and Assam hill goat bucks all the seminal attributes studied immediately after collection and after pooling were within normal ranges. The mean post-thaw sperm motility, live sperm, intact acrosome, HOST-reacted sperm, extracellular ALT and AST irrespective of breed in Tris extender containing 20 % egg yolk, 1.5 % soya lecithin and in commercial Ovixcell extender was 62.11 ± 0.65, 57.67 ± 0.52 and 35.33 ± 0.64 %; 64.94 ± 0.30, 61.39 ± 0.14 and 38.77 ± 0.30 %; 44.60 ± 0.40, 42.84 ± 0.28 and 29.83 ± 0.28 %; 49.59 ± 0.32, 46.72 ± 0.38 and 30.82 ± 0.18 %; 41.75 ± 2.07, 45.04 ± 1.94 and 115.92 ± 12.81 U/L; and 70.56 ± 3.38, 84.07 ± 3.58 and 109.89 ± 7.11 U/L respectively. The post thaw values in Tris extender with 20 % egg yolk were significantly (P<0.05) higher than in that containing 1.5 % soya lecithin and in commercial Ovixcell extender, and also in Tris extender containing 1.5 % soya lecithin than that in Ovixcell extender for sperm motility, live sperm, intact acrosome and HOST-reacted sperm. The fertility rate was found to be the highest in 1.5 % soya lecithin.

Keywords : Assam Hill Goat Beetal Sirohi Soybeanlecithin and Ovixcell

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