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Effect of Spent Hen Meat Emulsion and Ground Meat on Quality and Acceptability of Chicken Meat Cutlets

M. Anna Anandh R. Annal Villi
Vol 8(12), 33-40

The study was aimed at comparing the physico-chemical characteristics, microbial profile and sensory acceptability of chicken meat cutlets prepared from spent hen meat emulsion and spent hen ground meat. Significantly (P<0.05) higher pH, breading pick up, moisture retention, product yield, water holding capacity, moisture and fat percentage were observed in spent hen meat emulsion cutlets as compared to spent hen ground meat cutlets. The product shrinkage value was significantly (P <0.05) higher in spent hen ground meat cutlets as compared to spent hen meat emulsion cutlets. No significant change was noticed in protein content and microbial counts between the spent hen meat emulsion and ground meat cutlets. All microbial counts were within the acceptable limits of cooked meat products. Spent hen meat emulsion based cutlets had significantly higher sensory scores as compared to the ground meat cutlets. The cutlets prepared by using spent hen meat emulsion were assessed as moderately to highly acceptable as compared to ground meat. Therefore, spent hen meat can be successfully used for value addition in the preparation of cutlets by using emulsion as well as ground spent hen meat.

Keywords : Acceptability Cutlets Meat Emulsion Quality Spent Hen

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