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Effect on Milk Composition of Sub Clinical Mastitis in Cows in Organized Dairy Farms

Bhuneshwar Pal Singh Kanwar S. L. Ali S. Roy Deepak Kumar Kashyap Sanjay Shakya Swarnlata Bara
Vol 9(2), 120-128

In the present study prevalence of subclinical mastitis (SCM) was assessed on organized dairy farms. The qualitative changes of milk in the cows with subclinical mastitis were assessed on the basis of estimation of fat percent, solid not fat percent, protein percent and lactose percent. A significant reduction in values of fat %, SNF %, protein %, lactose % was recorded in the sub clinically infected cows of Groups as compared to the values of normal healthy cow on the day of screening. Subclinical mastitis altered the composition of milk in cows which had significantly lower values of fat, SNF, protein, lactose. Simultaneously therapeutic efficacy of herbal paste/gel as topical application alone or in combination was also assessed in restoring the milk constituents. Estimation of therapeutic potential of herb alone and in combination as paste or gel was also undertaken. The therapeutic trial was based on the restoration of constituents of milk and the paste of herbal mixture was found to be the most efficacious in subclinical mastitis.

Keywords : Cows Milk Composition Organized Dairy Farms Sub Clinical Mastitis

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