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Effect of Replacement of Fish Meal with Soybean Meal on the Blood Biochemical Parameters of Broiler Chicken

Reshi I. M. Bhat G. A. Banday M. T.
Vol 2(1), 145-149

A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of replacing Fish meal with Soybean meal with or without Lysine and Methionine supplementation on the blood biochemical parameters of broiler chicken. To achieve the envisaged objectives, three hundred day old commercial broiler chicks were procured from a reputed source reared together until 7 days of age. On 8th day, the chicks were individually weighed, distributed randomly into five groups of four replicates with fifteen chicks in each. Five experimental diets were formulated with varying levels of Fish meal and Soybean Meal. These diets were fed to the chicken from 8th to 42th days of their age. On 42th day blood samples were collected from representative birds for estimation of blood urea nitrogen, serum calcium and phosphorus using their respective biochemical kits. There was reduction in the levels of serum calcium and phosphorus as the level of Fish meal decreased in the diets; however there was no significant effect on the serum levels of blood urea nitrogen.

Keywords : Fish meal Soybean meal Broiler

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