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Effect of Supplementation of Formaldehyde Treated Mustard Oil Cake on Feed Intake, Growth Rate, Blood Biochemical and Mineral Constituents in Hariana Heifers

Mahima Santosh Kumar Tomar Vinod Kumar Debashis Roy Anu Rahal Rajesh Mandil
Vol 7(4), 82-92

A growth trail was conducted with 24 Hariana cattle heifers of 12-16 months old, weighing about 150 kg to study the effect of feeding formaldehyde treated mustard oil cake based diet on feed intake, growth performance, nutrient utilization, certain mineral absorption and serum biochemical parameters. Animals were randomly divided into four groups of 6 animals each and were individually fed for a period of 120 days. The animals in group I was fed with diet containing 80% crude protein of NRC, group II were fed with diet containing 100% crude protein of NRC, group III were fed with formaldehyde treated mustard cake diet containing 80% crude protein of NRC and group IV were fed with diet containing formaldehyde treated mineral fortified mustard cake containing 80% crude protein of NRC. Average daily body weight gain (g/d) of animals in group IV was significantly (p<0.05) higher in comparison to group I, but statistically similar with group II. Absorption of minerals (Ca, Mg, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn and Se) were statistically similar except P, which was significant (P<0.01) higher in group II than that of other groups. Higher concentration of serum Zn in group II, while the serum Ca level increased significantly for all the groups as the trial progressed. Incorporation of formaldehyde treated mustard oil cake in the concentrate mixture led to increase in growth rate by 23.5% due to better balance of nutrients. Thus, it may be concluded that formaldehyde treatment of mustard cake is beneficial in growing heifers without any stress as assessed by serum biochemical constituents, enzymes activities and mineral profile.

Keywords : Mustard Oil Cake Bypass Protein Formaldehyde Growth Cattle Blood Biochemical Constituents Mineral Profile

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