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Effect of Supplementing Spirulina and Thyme on Nutrient Digestibility and FCR in New Zealand White Rabbits

Narender Singh Harish Kumar Gulati Sajjan Sihag Sushil Kumar Sujoy Khanna Sandeep
Vol 8(1), 67-72

An experiment was conducted on 48 New Zealand White rabbits of either sex for evaluating the effect of supplementing spirulina and thyme on nutrient digestibility and feed conversion ratio (FCR). Rabbits were randomly assigned to four treatments in three tier cages, divided into two compartments, housing six rabbits in each compartment, in controlled environmental conditions during the feeding trial of 56 days. The experiment consisted of four dietary treatments. Treatment group T1 was fed with control diet as per ICAR (2008) guidelines with concentrate mixture formulated using maize, soybean meal, ground nut cake, gram, mineral mixture and common salt. In treatment groups T2, T3 and T4, concentrate mixture as used in control group was supplemented with 5% Spirulina, 3% Thyme and 5% Spirulina plus 3% Thyme, respectively. At the end of experiment a digestibility trial was conducted for 7 days and the results revealed that digestibility of dry matter, crude protein, crude fiber and NFE of rabbits fed with supplementation of 5% Spirulina and 3% Thyme in combination was significantly higher than rabbits fed control diet. The EE and ash digestibility of rabbits under different treatments remain statistically similar. The results of the study also revealed that mean values of FCR of rabbits fed with thyme or combination of thyme with spirulina supplementation was higher than rabbits of control group or supplemented with spirulina alone.

Keywords : FCR Spirulina Thyme Nutrient Digestibility New Zealand White Rabbit

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