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Effect of Various Therapeutic Regimens on the Treatment of Calf Diarrhea and Their Effect on Various Clinico, Hematobiochemical Parameters

A. Tikoo J. S. Soodan Gagandeep Singh Inderjeet Singh
Vol 7(11), 174-183

Calf diarrhea is an important disease in neonates resulting in significant mortality. Twenty seven calves in first month suffering from diarrhea were studied for evaluating the effect of various therapeutic regimens on clinical, hematological and biochemical parameters. The calves were divided into three groups assessed on the basis of degree of dehydration, clinical and depression score. Group I calves were treated with ORS solution along with haloquinol, whereas Group II calves were treated with Lactated Ringer solution along with Enrofloxacin Injection and the calves in Group III were treated with 7.5 per cent sodium bicarbonate solution I/V in NSS along with enrofloxacin and haloquinol. A marked improvement was seen in all the three groups following treatment and it was seen that in calves with depression score more than 2 treated with 7.5 per cent sodium bicarbonate for immediate correction of acidosis depicted favourable post treatment improvement.

Keywords : Acid base Calves Diarrhea Hemato-Biochemical Therapeutics

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