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Effects of Coriander Seeds Powder (Coriandrum sativum) as Feed Supplements on Growth Performance Parameters and Immune Response in Albino Rats

Sabry Abd El-Gawad El-Sayed Sarah Yousef Ahmed
Vol 7(2), 191-200

Herbs have acquired increasing interest as natural feed supplements and alternatives to antibiotics growth promoters in livestock production. The objectives of the current study to investigate the effects of supplementation by different levels of coriander seeds powder on growth performance indices and immune response of rats. A total of sixty albino rats were randomly assigned to four treatments with five replicates and fed for 30 days. The obtained results revealed that the final body weight, body gain, and body gain % in treatment groups fed diets supplemented with 3% and 5% coriander seeds powder were significantly higher as compared with the control group. Moreover, there were a significant improvement on feed utilization through feed intake and feed conversion ratio values obtained in treatment groups fed on 5%, 3%, and 2% coriander seeds powder in comparison with the control group. Interlukin-6 concentration level appeared significant improvement in rats fed 5% and 3% coriander seeds powder as compared with treatment group fed on 2% coriander seeds powder and the control group. From these result, it is concluded that coriander powder enhanced the growth performance and immune status of rats and can be used as natural feed supplements in their diets.

Keywords : Coriander Seeds Powder Growth Performance Interlukin-6 Rats Herbs

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