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Effects of Supplementing Linseed Oil in Combination with Natural Antioxidants on Performance of Broiler Chickens

Anjumoni Mech Veerasamy Sejian R. Umaya Suganthi Corbon David Vaibhav Awachat R. K. Veeranna
Vol 8(7), 253-260

Day old Vencobb broiler chicks were allotted to six dietary treatments: 2% vegetable oil (C), 2% linseed oil (LO), LO+ 0.5% Redox/commercial antioxidant (LOR), LO+ 0.5% curry powder (LOC), LO + 0.5% ginger powder(LOG) and LO + 0.5% turmeric powder (LOT). After six weeks, effect of feeding was analyzed on performance, blood metabolites and immunity. Birds under LOC, LOG and LOT had significantly higher body wt gain compared to LO and LOR group. The average daily feed intake was lowest with highest feed conversion efficiency in LOG group. The positive effect of natural antioxidant treatment on (FCE) was observed up to 5th weeks of age. Although insignificant, comparatively higher IgY level observed in LOR group with no mortality. The study suggests that supplementing 0.5% ginger powder with 2% LO imparts positive effect in terms of FCE and 0.5% turmeric powder with 2% LO reduces plasma cholesterol in broiler birds.

Keywords : Body Weight Blood Metabolite Broiler Immunity Natural Antioxidant

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