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Effects of Toxocara canis Infection and Albendazole Treatment on Oxidative/Nitrosative Stress and Trace Element Status in Dogs

Priyanka S. Dey
Vol 8(4), 144-153

The present study was conducted with the objectives of studying the oxidative/nitrosative and trace element alterations in naturally Toxocara canis infected dogs before and after treatment with albendazole and to explore the effect of albendazole treatment on oxidative/nitrosative status in healthy dogs. Six naturally infected dogs with T.canis were selected for the present study. These cases were treated with albendazole @ 25 mg/kg orally for 3 consecutive days and monitored weekly up to 28 days of post treatment. Six apparently healthy dogs acted as healthy control and were also treated with albendazole @ 25 mg/kg orally. A highly significant increase in NO (p< 0.01) and LPO (p<0.01); highly significant decrease in GSH (p< 0.01), SOD (p<0.01) and CAT (p< 0.01) and altered liver function were recorded in T. canis infected dogs as compared to healthy control. After treatment with albendazole significant (P<0.01) restoration of haematobiochemical alterations, the oxidant /antioxidant disturbances and plasma nitrate within 7 days of post treatment and non significant improvement in the values of plasma Zn and Co were observed. In healthy dogs no alterations in the oxidative and nitrosative stress parameters were noticed before and after treatment with albendazole. From the present study it was concluded that T.canis induces oxidative/nitrosative stress in dogs. Besides clearing the worm burden, treatment with albendazole can restore the disturbance of oxidative and nitrosative indices in T canis infected dogs. Albendazole treatment will not alter any oxidative/nitrosative status in healthy dogs.

Keywords : Albendazole Dog Oxidative/Nitrosative Stress Toxocara canis Trace Elements

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