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Efficacy of Fumaria indica, Nepata cataria and Adianthum capillus Crude Aqueous Extracts in Comparison to Cefuroxime in Sub-Clinical Cases of Bovine Mastitis

Imtiyaz Ahmad Reshi Tarun Kumar Sarkar Hamidullah Malik Amatul Muhee Shabu Shoukat
Vol 7(3), 100-107

The study was conducted to find out the efficacy of some medicinal plants against sub-clinical mastitis in cows. The study was initiated with screening of milk samples from lactating cows by CMT for the cases of bovine subclinical mastitis. The herbs namely Fumaria indica, Adiantum capillus, Nepata cataria were subjected to aqueous extraction by standard procedure. The herbal aqueous extracts were screened for their in-vitro toxicity study on HeLa cell line by MTT cell Proliferation Assay. The safe aqueous extracts of Fumaria indica, Nepata cataria and Adiantum capillus were further studied for their anti-bacterial potential on Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Streptococci agalactia and K. pneumoniae by standard disc diffusion technique. The highest antibacterial efficacy was reported in Fumaria indica followed by Nepata cataria and Adiantum capillus. The aqueous extracts of these herbs used intra mammary in cows at the dose of 750 mg/tube for 5 days were further studied for their in-vivo efficacy on sub-clinical cases of mastitis in cows. The highest clinical recovery was reported in Fumaria indica followed Adiantum capillus and least recovery was reported in Nepata cataria.

Keywords : Herbals Sub-Clinical Efficacy

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