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Efficacy of Different Harvesting Techniques on Oocyte Recovery from Goat Ovaries

Rameez Ali W. A. A. Razzaque A. H. Bhat I. A. Reshi M. Kose F. H. Bhat
Vol 7(6), 181-185

The present study was conducted to assess the comparative efficacy of three oocyte harvesting techniques viz., aspiration, puncture and slicing methods on oocyte recovery in goat ovaries obtained from municipal slaughter house, Jammu. Among the three collection methods, the slicing technique yielded the highest number of total and good quality oocytes (7.03±0.21 and 2.84±0.16, respectively) followed by the puncture (3.84±0.26 and 1.03±0.12, respectively) and the aspiration methods (2.65±0.2 and 0.61±0.13, respectively). Ovaries without CL yielded significantly higher (P≤ 0.05) number (5.30±0.20) of oocytes than CL bearing ovaries (3.18±0.19). Corpus luteum bearing ovaries had also lower follicular population than ovaries without CL. It was concluded from the present study that slicing method is superior to the other two methods employed in this study to harvest a greater number of good quality oocytes from goat ovaries. Corpus luteum has negative effect on follicular population and oocyte yield from these ovaries.

Keywords : Follicular Fluid Goat Oocyte Ovaries

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