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Efficacy of Herbal Liver Tonic (Superliv) in Improving Growth Performance, Nutrient Utilization, Carcass Traits and Economics of Broiler Chicken

M.V. Dhumal M. G. Nikam P. V. Nandedkar S. B. Majee Ravikanth Kotagiri
Vol 8(6), 266-278

The investigation was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of herbal liver tonic (Superliv) in improving growth performance, nutrient utilization, carcass qualities and economics of broilers. The study was carried out on 375 one day-old commercial Vencobb400 broiler straight run chicks. The chicks were weighed and distributed randomly into three treatment groups viz. A, B and C with five replications of 25 chicks in each replicate. For treatment group A ration was prepared as per BIS (2007) and for treatment group B ration was formulated with reduced energy (2.5%) with supplementation of Superliv @ 500gm/tonne. Similarly, for treatment group C ration was formulated with reduced energy (5%) with supplementation of Superliv. @500gm/tonne. The findings with cumulative body weight gain, feed consumption, FCR and mortality for different treatments groups were found to be non-significant. There were non-significant differences among the treatment groups with respect to edible carcass yield, breast yield, heart, liver, gizzard, giblet weight. There were significant decrease in the values of SGOT and SGPT in Superliv supplemented groups at 42nd day. Significantly higher values for total serum protein and globulin at 42nd day for Superliv supplemented groups were noticed, however, the values for albumin for different groups were found to be non-significant. Significant improvement in the percent metabolizable energy and protein retention values in 2.5% energy reduction and supplementation of Superliv were recorded. An improvement in the percentage (%) retention of phosphorus was noticed in herbal liver tonic (Superliv) supplemented groups. It was concluded that Superliv @ 500 gm/tonne of feed was used efficiently for compensating the negative impact of decreased energy values in feed of broiler thereby improving the growth performance, nutrient utilization, carcass traits and economics of broiler production without any adverse effect on health of broilers.

Keywords : Broiler Performance Economics Nutrient Utilization Superliv (Superliv Concentrate Premix) Supplementation

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