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Efficacy of Some Non-antibiotic Treatments in Postpartum Dairy Cows with Subclinical Endometritis

A. Sahadev A. Krishnaswamy G. J. Renukaradhya S. Rashmi
Vol 9(8), 133-139

Several aerobic and anaerobic bacteria contaminate the bovine uterus and depress immune function around parturition; thus, it results in clinical and subclinical endometritis (SCE) leading to reduced fertility. Efficacy of some non-antibiotic therapeutic protocols for SCE confirmed by cytobrush endometrial cytology on day 35 postpartum was evaluated in dairy cows with 15 in each group. Untreated cows in Group I served as control, Group II and III cows received single and double injections of PGF2α, respectively whereas, once used intravaginal CIDR device was kept in situ for 14 days to Group IV cows. Single injection and double injection of PGF2α aided the recovery rate (46.67% & 53.33%), while CIDR insert resulted in higher recovery rate (60%) and spontaneous recovery was 40%. It was concluded that once used CIDR provides a new hope for treatment of SCE as the sustained Progesterone level makes the dominant follicle to persist and secrete estrogen that promotes phagocytosis and clearance of infection.

Keywords : Dairy Cows Subclinical Endometritis Endometrial Cytology PGF2α CIDR

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