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Electrocardiographic and Echocardiographic Parameters in Chippiparai Dog

S. Bhargavi T. A. Kannan Geetha Ramesh D. Sumathi A. Arun Prasad
Vol 9(4), 49-57

Recently, electrocardiographic and echocardiographic parameters have been recorded to assess the structural and functional status of heart among various breeds of dogs. The study was carried out in 28 clinically healthy Chippiparai dogs, an indigenous breed of Tamil Nadu. Animals were grouped into young (up to 6 months age; n=14) and adult (above 6 months age; n=14). Electrocardiography was performed using Lead II of standard bipolar limb lead system. Two-dimensional echocardiographic images were also recorded. The results were analyzed statistically. Echocardiographic study revealed no significant difference among various ECG parameters between the groups. On 2D echocardiography, significant difference was observed in LADd, LADs, AO, AOA, LAD/AO and RVD between the age groups studied. Results provided the normal reference values of various electrocardiographic and 2D echocardiographic parameters for Chippiparai dog to facilitate clinical examination.

Keywords : Chippiparai Dogs Electrocardiography Echocardiography Indigenous Breed

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