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Electrocardiographic Studies in Propofol and Ketofol Anesthesia Following Atropine, Diazepam and Fentanyl Premedication in Dogs

P. Thejasree P. Veena N. Dhanalakshmi K. Veerabrahmaiah
Vol 7(11), 113-117

Twelve dogs of either sex presented to the college clinic with surgical were utilized to study the effect of Ketofol and Propofol after premedication with Atropine sulphate, Diazepam and Fentanyl. The animals were divided into two groups of six animals each. Ketofol (1:1) combination was given intravenously in group I dogs. Propofol @ 6 mg/kg b.wt. intravenously was given in group II dogs. Induction quality was excellent, smooth and attained sternal recumbency rapidly without struggling in all animals in both groups. Recovery from anesthesia was smooth and excitement free in both groups. However, slightly prolonged recovery was a consistent observation in propofol group. Non significant increase in HR was recorded in group I dogs. A significant decrease in HR was observed in dogs subjected to propofol anesthesia. ECG studies did not reveal any abnormality except increase in amplitude of QRS complex duration in both groups. Ketofol with atropine, diazepam and fentanyl premedication provided better surgical anesthesia with smooth induction and rapid, safe and smooth recovery in dogs.

Keywords : Dogs Ketofol Propofol

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