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Ensilaging in Polyethylene Bags: A Low Cost Technology for Resource Poor Livestock Farmers

Manjunath Patil Anant Rao Desai Raju G Teggelli
Vol 9(1), 166-173

An action oriented participatory method was used to popularize polythene bag silage (PBS). On-farm demonstrations were conducted on preparation of PBS and also to evaluate it. Dairy cows of control group (T0) were maintained on regular feeding, while cows in study group (T1) were fed with PBS. Daily milk yield was recorded for 60 days. Milk samples from individual cows were analyzed for fat, SNF, density, freezing point, protein, lactose and total ash. The increased milk yield in T1 group on 30th and 60th days were highly significant (p≤ 0.05) when compared with T0 group on corresponding intervals. The freezing point decreased in T1 group indicating increase in the total solids of milk compared to T0. There were minor changes in ash content of milk by feeding with PBS. The increased cost on feeding in treatment group (T1) due to addition of PBS preparation cost (Rs 13.65) is covered up by significant increase in milk production (2.29 litres/ cow/ day).

Keywords : Dairy Cow Milk Yield Milk Composition Maize Silage Polyethylene Bag

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