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Enterotomy in a Labrador Retriever – A Case Report

V. Mahesh G. Kamalakar B. N. Nagaraja
Vol 9(12), 240-243

A young Labrador Retriever dog was presented to the clinic with signs of recurrent vomition and anorexia since five days non responsive to the medical treatment. On abdominal palpation animal was showing pain and discomfort. Survey radiograph was taken but no information of diagnostic value was revealed. Contrast radiograph was taken after barium meal revealed stasis of barium in the intestines. Emergency enterotomy was done and a gauze material along with a plastic material was removed from the jejunal loops. After a routine post-operative fluid and antibiotic therapy and regular dressing, the animal recovered uneventfully.

Keywords : Enterotomy Intestinal Obstruction Labrador Dog Linear Foreign Body

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