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Epidemiological Studies on Bovine Tick-Borne Haemoparasitic Diseases in Chennai

Raj kumar Rajupillai Anbu Vijaya Bharathi Mangalanathan Selvaraju Ganapathy Senthil Kumar Alagesan

The present study was aimed to assess the current epidemiological status of bovine tick-borne diseases (TBDs) in and around Chennai by conventional staining method and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). A total of 154 blood smear and whole blood samples were screened by Leishman staining and PCR respectively. PCR assay (50.65%) revealed significantly higher sensitivity in detection of TBDs in clinically suspected cattle than microscopic examination (35.06%). Results showed that Anaplasma spp. (20.78%) was the most prevalent parasite of cattle followed by Theileria spp. (11.69%) and Babesia spp. (2.6%) in Chennai. The infection of Anaplasma spp. (27.77 %), Babesia spp. (5.55 %) and Theileria spp. (11.11 %) were higher in less than 2 year of age group. The prevalence of anaplasmosis was relatively high (21.32%) in cross-bred cattle. However, higher prevalence of babesiosis (5.55%) and theileriosis (22.22%) was noticed in non-descript animals. Statistical analysis using chi-square test indicated a highly significant (P < 0.01) difference between these tests.

Keywords : Epidemiology Tick-borne diseases Cattle Active surveillance PCR Haemoparasites

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