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Epidemiological Studies on Canine Tumours in Jammu

Neha Sharma Ajay K. Gupta Riyaz A. Bhat Ovais S. Shah
Vol 8(5), 246-254

The study was carried out on 2500 canine cases referred to the department of Surgery and Radiology. Out of 2,500 cases, 50 were diagnosed as tumours on the basis of cytology or histopathology of excision/needle biopsy. The overall prevalence of canine tumours during the one year study period was 2%. The prevalence of benign tumours and malignant tumours was 46% and 54% respectively. Out of 50 canines diagnosed with tumours, 24 were males (48%) and 26 were females (52%). Organ-wise distribution of tumours included, mammary gland tumour (24%), skin and adnexa (20%), venereal (16%), female reproductive tract (14%), male reproductive tract (8%), melanoma and oral cavity (8%), appendicular skeleton (6%), spleen (2%) and Liver (2%). Breed-wise occurrence of neoplasms was found higher in Labrador dogs and Mongrels (non-descript) as compared to other breeds. Labrador breed of dog had 17 tumour cases followed by non-descript dogs (15), Spitz (7), German Shepherd (5), Neapolitan Mastiff (2), Rottweiler, Dalmatian, Cocker Spaniel, and Pointer, one tumour case each. Age wise prevalence of canine tumours was observed as 0-5 year age group (24%; 12 cases), 6-10 year age group (60%; 30 cases), and 10-15 year old dogs (16%; 8 cases).

Keywords : Age Breeds Malignant Neoplasm Organs

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