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Estimate and Effect of Breeds on Egg Quality Traits of Poultry – A Review

Beena Sinha Ragini Kumari Tripti Kumari
Vol 8(4), 8-21

Poultry farming is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural sector in India today. It carries a pivotal position in current Indian economy and has evolved from subsistence farming to an extremely business oriented enterprise. This transformation owes to huge investment in breeding, hatching and overall management practices by both government and private organizations. As far as egg consumption is concerned, it has been accepted worldwide as a staple food and included as an important ingredient in a balanced human diet. The quality traits of an egg are those that affect its acceptability to the consumer. Hence, to maintain superiority in the overall quality of an egg, continuous genetic evaluation of different egg quality traits has become essential in today’s production oriented mark (Sreenivas et al., 2013). Thus comprehensive knowledge of quality traits of an egg is important. It was concluded that significant genetic differences in egg quality characteristics exist between species and between breeds, strains and families within the lines across the region.

Keywords : Albumen Egg Quality External Egg Quality Haugh Unit Internal Egg Quality Yolk

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