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Estimation of Inbreeding by Conventional and Molecular Methods- A Review

Shalu Kumari Pathak Avinash Kumar
Vol 9(6), 56-68

This review is aimed to summarize the information on estimation of inbreeding coefficient by conventional and molecular methods for enhancing the accuracy of estimation of genetic diversity in animal population. Estimation of inbreeding by using pedigrees are the best way to evaluate relationships among individuals, but they are not always usually available particularly for wild populations. In absence of detailed pedigree records, attempts have been made to estimate individuals' levels of inbreeding using molecular markers, generally making use of heterozygosity measures based on microsatellite markers. When both genealogical and molecular information is available, it can be combined to calculate the coancestry conditional on markers which might better help to estimate the genetic structure of population.

Keywords : Inbreeding Heterozygosity Microsatellite Pedigree

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