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Estimation of Neutrophils and Total Leucocyte Count in Blood and Neutrophils Count in Colostrum after Supplementation of Copper and Zinc to Kankrej Cows

Narender Kumar Poonia Arun Kumar Jhirwal Subhash Chandra Goswami Vijay Kumar Garima Choudhary
Vol 9(3), 119-128

The objective of the study was to estimate neutrophil and TLC in blood and neutrophil in colostrums after feeding micronutrients formulation to kankrej cows. The experimental treatments included four groups of animals as control, supplemented copper, supplemented zinc and supplemented with combination of copper and zinc. Maximum increase in blood neutrophils percentage, TLC and neutrophils percentage in colostrums was found in control cows as compared to the supplemented cows. Blood neutrophils percentage, TLC and neutrophils percentage in colostrums differed significantly (P≤0.01) between groups as well as between different days of peripartum period, day of calving and post-partum days. The interaction effect of group x days on cows of various group was observed non-significant for these traits.

Keywords : Copper Kankrej Neutrophil in Blood Neutrophil Count in Colostrum Total Leucocyte Count Zinc

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