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Estrous Synchronization in Farm Animals – A Review

Sarada Prasanna Sahoo Narender Kumar Sudam Chandra Sahoo Bibhudatta Panda Tarun Kumar Varun
Vol 8(7), 1-13

Estrous synchronization creates the opportunity to capture the economic benefits of artificial insemination (AI). Because AI involves a substantial investment of labor and time, most commercial farms or ranches will not utilize this technology unless this investment can be confined to a period of less than 5 to 7 days. To make the labor requirements of AI compatible with modern cattle breeding, the estrous cycle must be synchronized so that a high percentage of treated females show a fertile, closely synchronized estrus. Estrus synchronization based on different effective hormonal therapy can be planed considering its utility and economical implication by analysing its merits and demerits. But choosing one of the best suited therapies must be designed for its effectiveness.

Keywords : Farm Animal Hormone Oestrus Cycle Synchronization

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