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Ethno-veterinary Practices of Parasitic Infestation with Their Extent of Use Followed by Livestock Owners in Western Zone of Rajasthan

Shyam Lal Garg Neeraj Kumar Sharma Devi Singh Rajput Virendra Singh
Vol 9(6), 220-225

The present study was conducted in Bikaner and Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan in order to document the ethno veterinary practices followed by livestock owners. A total of 120 livestock owners were selected as respondent from 12 selected villages of 4 tehsils of the districts. Inventories of 4 ethno veterinary practices were documented for treatment of ecto-parasitic infestation, 6 ethno-veterinary practices were documented for treatment endo- parasitic infestation. Using neem (Azadirichta indica) bark with water was found most frequently using ethno-veterinary practices for treatment of endo-parasitic infestation having highest Ethno-veterinary Medicine Use Index (EVMUI) 264 and ranked first. Khinf (Leptadenia pyrotechnica) with water, kali jeeri (Centratherum anthelminticum) with water EVMUIs 79, 78 and ranked II and III, respectively. Using tobacco (Nicotiana tobacum) and water was found most frequently using practice for treatment of ecto-parasitic infestation having highest Ethno-veterinary Medicine Use Index (EVMUI) 184 and ranked first.

Keywords : Ecto-parasitic Endo- parasitic Ethno-veterinary EVMUIs

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