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Etiological and Haematological Studies of Gastrointestinal Affections in Bovine Calves of Palam Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Vishal Thakur Richa Thakur
Vol 8(4), 235-244

The present work was conducted to study haematology and to identify the major bacterial and parasitic etiologic factors responsible for gastrointestinal (GIT) affections in bovine calves by evaluation of clinical samples from Palam Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. Blood picture revealed a significant increase in total leukocyte count and neutrophilia was shown in differential leukocyte count from diarrhoeic cases. Out of 43 isolates from clinical cases, E. coli, Citrobacter and Salmonella were found 90.69%, 6.97% and 2.32% respectively. Disc diffusion test was used to check sensitivity of isolates from clinical samples. Cloxacillin was found most resistant drug while amoxy-sulbactum and gentamicin were most effective drugs against the E. coli isolates. In case of parasitic infestation, Out of 43 clinical cases, Eimeria spp. and Strongyloids spp. were present in 6.97% and 4.65% respectively. Also, overall incidence of enteritis was highest in winter season.

Keywords : Diarrhoea E. coli GIT Affections Resistance

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