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Evaluating Distillers Grain for Chemical Composition and Developing Farmer Friendly Method for Improving the Storage Device to Enhance Its Shelf Life of Distillers Grain

Balamurugan Raju Valli Chinnamani Balakrishnan Vepambedu
Vol 7(10), 92-97

The major by product from the grain based ethanol industry is distiller’s grain. It contains relatively high amount of crude protein (27-39.5 per cent) and very high amount of total digestible nutrients (80 to 86 per cent).The main restricting factor for using the distiller’s grain is high moisture content (65-70 per cent).This facilitates high mould and yeast growth leading to short shelf life. A farmer friendly bamboo box storage device was evolved for enhancing the shelf life of distiller’s grain. The shelf life of distillers grain was assessed by samples of stored distiller’s grain were collected on 2nd day, 4th day, 6th day, 8th day and 10th day for estimation of pH, mould count and yeast count. On 10th day the bamboo box stored distillers grain pH 7.27±0.03, yeast count (106 CFU ml -1) 195.33±1.52, mould count 75.00±1.154 (106 CFU ml -1) significantly different from the control group. The results showed the better shelf life was observed in farmer friendly bamboo box than the open area.

Keywords : Bamboo Box Distillers Grain Mould Count Shelf Life Yeast Count

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