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Evaluation of Egg Shell Quality in Poultry Industry

Ogbu O. A. C. Onwusika A. I.
Vol 7(11), 1-9

Evaluating the quality of egg shell in poultry industry became imperative due to the role eggs play as food to man as well as means of income. A lot of activities go on inside the egg as a whole that poor quality shells can be a hindrance towards good development of eggs into chicks. Various factors are known to be affecting the qualities of these egg shell, some of which includes nutrition, gene, molting, age, stress diseases and management practices etc. Hence, to ensure that egg shells are of standard quality, quality control can be assured though these means; specific gravity, shell colour and egg weight as indirect means of measurement while direct means involves the dual energy x-ray absorptiomentry scanning electron microscopy and ultrasonic technology. A good egg shield is a lead to healthier chicks and more income.

Keywords : Egg Poultry Quality Shell

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