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Evaluation of Phytochemical and Growth Performance Activity of Asteracanth longifolia on Broiler Chicken

Dilip Xalxo K. M. Koley Choodamani Chandrakar Sudhir Kumar Jaiswal Monika Markandey Upendra Wasist
Vol 8(3), 111-117

A total of 120 day old Ven Cobb broilers were selected and randomly allotted to 3 dietary treatments groups (T1, T2 and T3); each group contained 40 chicks distributed in four replicate of 10 chicks each. The treatments T1, T2 and T3 were contains basal diet, basal diet + Lincomycin (0.5 g/kg of feed), and basal diet + aerial part powder (ALP) of Asteracantha longfolia plant (20 g/kg of feed) respectively. The results revealed that, presence of alkaloids, saponins, phenolic and flavonoids compound under Phytochemical screening of Asteracantha longifolia extract. The average body weight at sixth week of age was significantly (P<0.05) higher in T3 (2110.97g) as compared to T1 (1695.73g) and T2 (1900.1). T3 showed a significantly (P<0.05) lower FCR over the T1 and T2. Findings suggested that aerial part powder of Asteracantha longfolia plant have potential enhancing growth performance of broilers without any deleterious effect.

Keywords : Asteracantha longfolia Feed FCR Phytochemical Saponin

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