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Evaluation of Prognostic Indicator Based on the Electrical Conductivity of the Heart in Canine Parvovirus Enteritis

M. Areshkumar P. Vijayalakshmi D. Selvi
Vol 8(12), 41-46

Canine parvovirus infection is one of the most common infectious diseases of dogs and the most prevalent viral cause of diarrhea in dogs. Fifty two dogs affected with canine parvovirus was subjected to electrocardiography and the results were recorded. Electrocardiography of non-survivor dogs showed significant decrease in R wave amplitude and the shortening of QT interval when compare to survivors and healthy control. Decreased R amplitude (<0.5 mV) and decreased QT interval (<0.16 sec) in ECG of dogs with canine parvoviral enteritis had a poor outcome.

Keywords : CPE Electrocardiography Prognosis

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