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Evaluation of Some Serum Constituents of Camel during and Post Colostral Period

I. M. Dowelmadina K. M. Elamin H. M. Mousa
Vol 2(1), 135-144

Four she camels at their second parity were used to study changes in the blood serum profile for eight days postpartum. The study was carried out at Tamboul Camel Research Centre (TCRC). Duplicate samples of blood from each of the experimental animals were collected at 8, 24, 48, 56, 72, 96, 104, 120, 144, 152, 168 and 192 hours postpartum. Traits studied were total protein g/dl (TP), albumen g/dl (Al), globulin g/dl (GL), cholesterol (mg/dl) (CH), and calcium mg/dl (CA) and phosphorus mg/dl (PH). During the eight days postpartum the overall means of TP, Al, GL, CH, CA and PH were 6.95±0.13, 3.53±0.04, 3.42±0.13, 28.41±1.71, 10.14±0.16 and 3.55±0.11, respectively. Results revealed that generally TP, AL and GL blood concentration increased significantly from 6.66, 4.40 and 3.26 for the three traits at 8h postpartum, reached the maximum value of 7.81, 3.78 and 4.10 at72 h, then they decreased significantly as time passed post- partum. As for CH its concentration was not significantly affected by time. For CA and PH their concentration fluctuate from time to the other post partum. It was concluded that.

Keywords : Biochemical; calcium camel; Serum; Sudan

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