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Evaluation of Zn Bioavailability and Metallothionein Expression by RT-PCR in Zinc Sulphate and Zinc Proteinate Fed Chickens

Varun A. N. Karthikeyan P. Muthusamy A. Raja S. Wilfred Ruban
Vol 7(10), 184-189

The present study was conducted to evaluate the bioavailability of different forms and concentration of Zinc (Zn) incorporated into diets of chicken and to find out Metallotheionein (MT) expression by Real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR). In this study broiler birds were fed with corn-soya based basal diet (BD) as control (T1), BD with ZnSO4@ 80 ppm (T2) and BD with 40 and 80 ppm of Zn- proteinate (T3 and T4) respectively, for a period of 42 days. At day 42, six birds from each treatment were slaughtered, liver and duodenal scrapings were collected for MT expression, whereas tibia and serum were collected for Zn estimation. On comparison of treatments and control group for Zn bioavailability and MT mRNA expression, treatment groups showed significantly higher levels of Zn in tibia and serum and also up regulation of MT mRNA. But, birds fed with Zn-proteinate exhibited MT mRNA expression significantly greater than all other treatments, suggesting that Zn-proteinate form is more bioavailable than ZnSO4. Subsequent commercial trails with reduced (50 %) mineral inputs via Zn-proteinate revealed equal performance characteristics as compared to inorganic Zn feeding at 100 % level.

Keywords : Bioavailability Metallotheionein RT-PCR Zn-proteinate Zinc

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