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Expression Profile of Cellular Retinol- Binding Protein IV (CRBP-IV) Gene in Rhode Island Red Chicken

Jowel Debnath Sanjeev Kumar Ramji Yadav Abdul Rahim
Vol 9(2), 84-90

The investigation was aimed to study expression profiling of Cellular Retinol- Binding Protein IV (CRBP-IV) in Rhode Island Red (RIR) chicken. Cellular Retinol Binding Protein IV (CRBP-IV) belongs to the family of cellular retinol binding proteins and plays a major role in absorption, transport, and metabolism of vitamin A. Vitamin A is correlated with reproductive performance, so measured relative mRNA expression of CRBP IV gene in kidney, liver and oviduct tissues collected from ten numbers of birds belonging to different ages viz., 12, 32 and 40 weeks, by quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR (qRT-PCR) method and data was analyzed using JMP of SAS (2010). Analysis revealed that the expression of CRBP IV gene differed significantly among three age groups in kidney (p≤0.05) and oviduct (p≤0.1) in RIR chicken. Highest expression of CRBP IV gene was observed at 40 weeks in kidney with a 40-∆Ct value as 33.96±0.7 which was significantly more than those at 32 weeks and 12 weeks, where the estimates were 29.09±0.70 and 27.81±0.60, respectively. These data may help to understand the role of CRBP IV gene on the laying period of Rhode Island Red Chicken.

Keywords : CRBP-IV Gene mRNA Expression RIR Chicken

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