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Factors Affecting First Lactation Traits in Rathi Cattle in Semi-arid Region of Rajasthan

Manju Nehara Urmila Pannu Kuldeep Singh Nehra Gyan Chand Gahlot
Vol 9(8), 214-220

A study was conducted on the performance of 425 Rathi cattle maintained at Livestock Research Station, Bikaner and Nohar. The overall least-squares means for FL305MY, FLL, AFC and FSP were observed to be 1547.99 ± 28.44 kg, 298.32± 4.91 days, 1482.11 ± 27.64 days and 149.61 ± 3.38 days, respectively. The effect of the farm was observed to be highly significant (P≤0.01) on AFC and FL305MY while significant (P≤0.05) on FSP. The non-significant effect of farm had been observed on FLL. The season had significant effect (P≤0.05) on FSP and FLL. The effect of period was highly significant (P≤0.01) for AFC, FL305MY and FLL while significant (P≤0.05) for FSP. The study suggested that period of calving affected all the first lactation traits in Rathi cattle.

Keywords : AFC and FSP FL305MY FLL Non-Genetic Rathi Cattle

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