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Factors Affecting Mortality in Assam Hill Goat under Field Condition

Rumi G. Sarmah N. Nahardeka A. Saleque T. C. Roy J. P. Sarma P. Borah
Vol 8(7), 329-334

The data utilized in the present study were from the mortality record of goat maintained at the AICRP on goat improvement, AAU, Goat Research Station, Burnihat during the period from April, 2009 to March, 2015. The overall mortality was found to be 9.09%. The highest mortality was recorded in the age group between 3 to 6 months (12.45%), which decreased with the advancement of age and the adult mortality was found to be 5.84%. The mortality rate was higher in male (10.66%) than female (7.89%). The mortality was the highest (10.33%) in winter followed by south west monsoon (9.64%), summer monsoon (8.74%) and post monsoon seasons (7.59%). Among the diseases, mortality due to pneumonia (22.06%) was found to be the highest, followed by Haemonchosis (16.29%). Predators were found to be one of the important causes of mortality (14.04%) in Assam hill goats in the adopted villages under the present study.

Keywords : Assam Hill Goats Haemonchosis Mortality Pneumonia

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