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Farmers’ Trait Preferences for Breeding of Small Ruminants in Ada Barga and Ejere Districts of West Shoa Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia*

Yadeta Neme Manzoor Ahmed Kirmani Gemeda Duguma
Vol 8(9), 49-61

Earlier studies showed that small ruminant production in Ethiopia needs to be addressed by describing production systems and genetic improvement need to consider trait preferences of producers in designing breeding programs. Thus, present study was initiated to identify traits preferences of small ruminant producers in three agro- ecologies of two districts of Oromia. Results revealed that body size was primary selection criteria for both ram and buck selection as parents of next generation in all agro-ecologies. Similarly body size was number one criteria for selection of breeding ewes. The overall age at first lambing / kidding, weaning age, age at sexual maturity of male, reproductive life span of both sheep and goat were significantly affected by AEZS. The body size of rams and bucks, associated with high carcass output and premium price by most of the farmers, included wide chest, conformation and long body size.

Keywords : Agro Ecology Ethiopia Goat Farmers Trait Preference Sheep

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