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Fodder Resource Management in India- A Critical Analysis

Mutturaj Yadav Earagariyanna Jagadeeswary Venkayala Satyanarayan Kammardi Mohankumar Sriramaiah
Vol 7(7), 14-22

India has largest livestock population in the world and one of its notable characteristics is almost entire feed requirement is met from crop residues. The present study was under taken to assess the production and requirement of fodder in India using secondary data from NATP and 19th livestock census. The results revealed that the fodder requirement in India is 883.95 Mt of green fodder and 583.66 Mt of dry fodder whereas the estimated fodder production is 664.73 Mt of green fodder and 355.93 Mt of dry fodder. Hence to minimize the existing gap of 218.22 Mt of green fodder and 227.73 Mt of dry fodder, adequate policy and research level initiatives have to be taken to strengthen the existing fodder resources. The findings of the study will help the policymakers of the country in designing trade strategy to maximize benefits from livestock production.

Keywords : Production Requirement Green Fodder Dry Fodder Policymakers

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