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Food Processing Effect on the Residue Levels of Organochlorine Compounds in Fishes

Sujatha Singh Nelapati Krishnaiah
Vol 7(10), 161-169

A study was conducted to screen certain pesticide residues such as organochlorine compounds in fish samples and to assess the effect of food processing methods on degradation of residue levels in both natural and spiked samples. Fish samples were collected from local areas of Hyderabad, Telangana and subjected to various food processing such as boiling and broiling and samples were analyzed by using gas chromatography- electron capture detector by employing QuEChERS (quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged and safe) method for sample extraction and cleanup process. The final mean residual levels and their degradation percentage were also calculated with respective treatments. Heat processing methods proved to be highly effective on degradation of some organochlorine compounds in both natural and spiked samples of fishes. Both the treatments i.e. boiling and broiling were statistically nonsignificant on degradation of respective pesticides in both natural and spiked samples of fishes.

Keywords : Electron Capture Detector Food Processing Gas Chromatography Organochlorine QuEChERS Method Residues in Fishes

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