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Genetic Evaluation of First Lactation Traits in Red Sindhi Cattle

Uma Kant Verma Sunil Kumar Saleem Yousuf A. K. Ghosh A. P. S. Aswal
Vol 8(2), 210-216

The data comprising 125 first lactation records of Red Sindhi cows spread over a period of 22 years from 1994 to 2015 maintained at CBF, Kalsi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand were used to estimate the genetic parameters of production traits. The average first lactation milk yield (kg), first lactation length (days), first calving interval (days) and first dry period (days) were 1561±47 kg, 298±5 days, 456±10 days and 124±1 days respectively. The corresponding estimates of heritability were 0.15±0.051, 0.20±0.036, 0.12±0.046 and 0.085±0.044, respectively. The genetic correlation of First Lactation Milk Yield (FLMY) with FLL, FCI and FDP was 0.18±0.05, 0.18±0.05 and 0.02±0.01, respectively. The phenotypic correlation of First lactation milk yield with FLL, FCI and FDP was 0.27±0.12, 0.25±0.11 and 0.03±0.01, respectively. The genetic correlation of FLL with FCI -0.20±0.11 and with FDP was -0.04±0.02. The phenotypic correlation of FLL with FCI was 0.13±0.05and with FDP -0.06±0.02.

Keywords : Genetic Correlation Heritability Phenotypic Correlation Red Sindhi

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