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Genetic Polymorphisms of Exons 3 and 4 of Prolactin (PRL) Gene in Deoni Cattle Breed and Their Association with Milk Production Traits

Nitai Dayal Das Devrao Nagorao Hatkar V G Sri Hari Bandla V Srinivas Rengarajan - Kaliaperumal Obi A Reddy L krishnamurthy
Vol 2(3), 120-126

The study was conducted for genetic characterization of Prolactin (PRL) gene Exons 3 and 4 in Deoni cows utilizing PCR – RFLP technique. The exon 3 of PRL gene revealed three genotypes AA, AB, BB in the frequencies of 0.097, 0.58 and 0.32 respectively, thus the resulting frequencies of A and B alleles were 0.39 and 0.61 respectively. In PRL exon 4, three genotypes AA, AG and GG were observed in the frequencies of 0.097, 0.18 and 0.72 respectively, thus the A and G alleles had the frequencies of 0.488 and 0.542 respectively. The population genetic analysis revealed that the PRL exon 4 genotypic frequencies deviated from HW equilibrium probabilities, whereas the PRL exon 3 genotypic frequencies were in accordance with HW equilibrium probabilities. Statistical analysis using SPSS 17 revealed no significant differences between the estimated least square means of milk production traits in relation to PRL Exon 3 and Exon 4 genotypes. In PRL gene exon 3, genotype BB was associated with highest lactation milk yield (1007.354 ± 92.328 kg) whereas heterozygotic genotype AB was associated with highest fat percentage (4.780 ± 0.126) and highest protein percent (3.290 ± 0.033). In PRL Exon 4, genotype GG was associated with highest milk yield (994.638 ± 101.100 kg) whereas genotype AG was associated with highest fat (4.743 ± 0.121) and protein (3.287 ± 0.031) percents.


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