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Genetic Studies on Growth and Production Traits in Rambouillet Sheep

Vikas bin Zaffer R. K. Taggar D. Chakraborty Simran Singh Peer Mohd. Azhar
Vol 8(12), 264-269

Data on 300 Rambouillet sheep records maintained at Government Sheep Breeding Farm Panthal, Reasi, J and K, India, were used in the present study. The least squares means were 2.608±0.034 kg, 15.846±0.179 kg, 17.921±0.164 kg, 22.890±0.205 kg, 30.463±0.172 kg and 2.121±0.042 kg for birth weight (BWT), weaning weight (WWT), 6-month body weight (6-BW), 12-month body weight (12-BW), mature body weight (MBW) and annual wool production (AWP), respectively. The period of lambing had significant effect on all the traits except for BWT. Sex had significant effect on all the traits under study except for 6-BW. The estimates of heritability for the present study in Rambouillet sheep varied from low to medium. The genetic correlations in Rambouillet sheep varied from -0.786±0.630 (MBW and AWP) and 0.915±0.336 (WWT and MBW). The moderate estimates of heritability of 6-BW and its high genetic correlation with MBW indicated that 6-BW can be used as selection criteria for MBW.

Keywords : Birth Weight Growth Traits and Heritability Least-Squares Means Rambouillet Sheep

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