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Goat Production in Bharatpur, Rajasthan- Status and Strategy for Development

Vijay Kumar P. K. Rout Ashok Kumar R. Pourouchottamane Braj Mohan A. K. Dixit
Vol 8(6), 286-292

Present study was conducted in 15 villages of Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, India, purposively due to Jamunapari bucks were provided to farmers for breed improvement. Data were collected randomly from 41 goat farmers in semi-structured interview schedule. Most of respondents (90.2%) were women and majority of them were illiterate (61%), belong to OBC category (68.3%) and having marginal land holding (56.1%). Small ruminant rearing was the major livestock activity. The male to female ratio was observed to be 1.5:1.0 to 0.3:1.0 in different breeds. Overall mortality in goats in villages was found to be 22.8 per cent. The gap between awareness and adoption of all scientific practices was very low (0 to 5.7%). There is a need to create awareness by using mass media, explore the possibility of using alternate materials in housing and feeding to reduce the input cost, more focus on support service like veterinary service, credit service, transportation, marketing and extension services.

Keywords : Goat Production Rajasthan Strategy

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