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Gross Anatomical Studies on the Lungs of Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)

P. J. Doley R. S. Arya P. C. Kalita O. P. Choudhary A. Kalita H. Das
Vol 7(12), 295-300

The present study was conducted on the lung of one female Clouded leopard. The lungs were located inside the pleural sacs covered by pulmonary pleura. The right lung was made up of cranial, middle, caudal and accessory lobes while the left lung was only made up of cranial and caudal lobes. The right lung showed three deep interlobar fissures while the left lung showed only one deep interlobar fissure. The interlobar fissure separating the accessory lobe from the other lobes was seen on the mediastinal surface of the right lung. The left caudal lobe was the largest lobe of the lung while the middle lobe was smaller than the accessory lobe in the right lung. The cardiac notch of the right lung was deeper than that of the left lung. The hilus was triangular and was seen above the cardiac notch on the mediastinal part of the medial surface.

Keywords : Clouded Leopard Cardiac Notch Gross Anatomical Lung

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