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Gross Morphology and Radiographic Anatomy of Kyphosis and Arthrogryphosis of a Foetal Monster causing Dystocia in Malnad Gidda Cow

K. T. Lakshmishree T. Mayakkannan M. Dhoolappa P. Mohan Ravi Raidurg
Vol 9(2), 260-265

A primiparous three year old Malnad Gidda was presented to Department of Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, Veterinary College, Shivamogga, with prolonged first stage of labour. It was diagnosed as dystocia due to congenital anomaly and relieved dystocia by zig-zag method. Fully developed stillborn female fetus with Crown Rump Length (CRL) of about 69.2 cm indicating of 229 days of gestation period and weighed about 6.68 Kg. The gross morphology of vertebral column showed a variations, where the cervical region has taken a bent with increased curvature in thoracic and lumbar region forming an arch. The joints of fore limb and hind limb were flexed indicating ankylosis. Left lateral radiography of calf showed dorsal curvature involving thoracic and cranial lumbar vertebrae along with ankylosis of fore and hind limb joints. Based on these gross morphology and radiographic details, the retrieved fetus was confirmed as kyphosis with arthrogryphosis foetal monster.

Keywords : Arthrogryphosis Gross Morphology Kyphosis Malnad Gidda Calf Radiographic Anatomy

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